Have you recently googled fresh rabbit meat near me or maybe you searched for rabbit meat price per kg or even wild rabbit meat? Yes, that how serious it has become and people are looking for rabbit meat shop in Ghana hoping to buy rabbit meat for their consumption such as New Zealand meat rabbits one of the best rabbit meat breeds in Ghana.

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Even those butchering meat rabbits on a commercial scale are now hustling with direct individual buyers who are trying to buy from rabbit meat farmers that were previously selling rabbits to butchers for business.


Best meat rabbits for sale and Online buying of cooking rabbits

If you love cooking rabbit meat or if you run a rabbit butchering business; or maybe all you care about is eating rabbit meat deliciously prepared for a tasty meal, then it is time you become aware of where to regularly buy rex rabbits for meat or nz meat rabbits in any part of Ghana at best rabbit meat price.

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Requests for Rabbit Meat is High and Rabbit Farms’ increasing Sales and Revenue

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All around the world the demand for rabbit meat has continued to increase over the last 10 years and is expected to continue growing. Looking at the data, in 2017 revenue generated from the global rabbit meat market was $6.4 billion; and this was 12% higher than the received revenue from meat rabbits in 2016.

With all that’s happening abroad, Ghana has not been left behind as finding a palace to buy rabbit meat for sale in Ghana has become a bit problematic in the last few months of 2020 and early months of 2021. This is being experienced as demand for meat rabbits for sale is quickly surpassing supply and production from the meat rabbit farms in Ghana.

Those looking for meat rabbits for sale near me in Ghana may soon have to resort to importation, for meat rabbit cooking and consumption. That’s if rabbit meat farmers in Ghana do not drastically raise production to carter for the screaming high demand.

As IndexBox the market research firm also pointed out, the market value for best meat rabbits for sale near me rose at a mean annual rate of +4.0% from 2007 to 2017. Reaching an all-time high in 2017 for global rabbit meat for sale consumption. This growth has thankfully been sustained and is believe to continue in the foreseeable future since the global demand for meat to feed the masses is also on the rise.


Where and How to Find best rabbit meat price in Ghana

Depending on how the rabbit farm in Ghana is set up, rabbit rearing can be quite difficult or extremely easy. Hence cause the prices of rabbit meat in Ghana to float all over the place as there is almost no standardized system for farming rabbit meat in Ghana. Hence, rabbit farmer with great and efficient setup will be able to sell their rabbit meat at a cheaper price than those lacking the necessary system.

Well in as much as well understand the limitations for rabbit farms may have, it is still imperative for cheap rabbit meat prices to be available to the average Ghanaian so that they, their families and friends can be able to consume the healthiest meat known to man.

So, on Animal Pet Palace market for rabbit meat for sale online, you are able to browse through multiply rabbit meat sellers near you for the meat rabbit farm with the best rabbit meat prices.

We believe that using the mechanism of competition and open market, farmer with bunny meat for sales will be encouraged to adopt cost-effective methodologies for meat rabbit rearing so that rabbit meat shop near me and others who wants to buy rabbit meat near me can find great New Zealand meat rabbits, rex rabbits for meat and other good meat rabbit breeds for sale to buy.


Meat Rabbit for Sales Demand Rising in Ghana and Abroad

The rate of consumption and more specifically volume of cooking rabbit meat increased on a yearly average of +2.8% in the decade of 2007 to 2017. And in 2017 alone, the amount of meat rabbit eaten worldwide was a total of 1.5 million tonnes; that was 2.9% higher than in 2016.

And although demand for fresh rabbit meat near me in Ghana is high, China still leads the world with 925K tonnes of cooking rabbit meat consumed and this amount is approximately 62% of total worldwide consumption for that period.

As if that is not surprising enough, do you know that quantity of meat rabbits consumed in china is at least six times higher than the second-place meat rabbit for sales consumption? The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was the second most consumer of rabbit meat for that period with 154K tonnes of rabbit meat cooked and eaten.

And in third place for the most rabbit meat consumed our African country, with Egypt (57K tonnes) taking 3.8% of total world consumption of rabbit meat for sale.

The good news for farming rabbit and rabbit rearing in Ghana is that this trend is expected to continue. Farmers in the rabbit meat industry are encouraged to double, even quadruple down on production to seize this opportunity in the local meat rabbit market in Ghana as well as the international rabbit meat market through export. They are to work on optimizing their systems to have lower production costs so as low get the rabbit meat price in Ghana as low as possible to encourage even more patronage.

Market performance is expected to expand with an anticipated CAGR of +2.3% for the eight-year period from 2017 to 2025. This growth is projected to result in 1.8 million tonnes by the end of 2025.

As evidence that demand will encourage supply, global rabbit meat production worldwide for the period under review reached its highest volume in 2017, and if the trend is to be believed, production volume for meat rabbit for sale in Ghana will also continue to rise as the demand volume rise.

Better rabbit rearing and farming technology also affect the increase in production as animal healthcare science improved and apparatus got more supplicated. These led to favorable kindling yield of the rabbit does that benefit the general rabbit meat for sale output.