A Rabbit in Ghana also called a bunny in some parts of the world, is an adorable animal with versatile uses and is bred for varying purposes.

There are numerous types of rabbits with bunny breeds for serving diverse purposes. A Rabbit farm in Ghana usually specializes in breeding rabbits for meat on a large scale. They and individual rabbit owners also breed pet rabbits on a smaller scale.

But whatever your purposes are, when caring for your rabbits, you will need a rabbit cage or bunny hutch to house your rabbits. You will also need rabbit feed or know types of rabbit foods for your bunnies.

So in this post, we have covered almost all you need to know about owning and raising rabbits for pet, meat, farm, or caring for a wild rabbit in your yard.


Rabbit Market Prices and Rabbit Pet Shops

As with every industry or commodity, having a readily available rabbit market is very vital, or at least knowing how to access the rabbit meat market where you find meat rabbits for sale or set up your own large rabbits for sale stand.

However, a place to market rabbits for sale is not so easy to come by as there are very few established rabbit selling market; and although there is a general rabbit market price range, it’s not been easy to have enforce standard rabbit price since they are several factors affecting bunny price all around the world.

Many have ended up googling a rabbit shop near me or how to buy a rabbit online since it is almost impossible to find a dedicated rabbit store in most parts of Ghana. And even a rabbit pet shop near me has moved; leaving me with no other option than to find pet shops that sell rabbits near me.

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On our online rabbit store, apart from meat rabbits for sale, you can find a variety of items just as in a rabbit supply store. For example, those searching for a rabbit food shop near me can buy quality rabbit feed and other healthy rabbit foods from trustworthy vendors on Animal Pet Palace MarketPlace.

But that’s not all as the various rabbit selling outlets in our online rabbit market also rabbit cages that rabbit farms love and great rabbit house price for individual pet lovers wishing to buy a quality outdoor or indoor rabbit hutch.

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And as said above, rabbits are bred for different reasons so there are various aspects of the global market to benefit from such as the rabbit export market which serves the rabbit demand worldwide, the rabbit urine market whose products are used in manufacturing fertilizers, the rabbit fur market for making beautiful clothes, textiles, and fashion items.

Information about Rabbit Bunnies

Bunny and rabbit, are they two words that have the same meaning?

Many have assumed that bunny is a name for baby rabbits. But that’s incorrect. The young rabbits or baby rabbits are called kittens. While the act of a female rabbit (which is called a doe) giving birth is known as kindling. So where did bunny come from?

Well before the late 18th century, the word “coney”, which was pronounced “cunny” was for what we now know as rabbits. However, “coney,” fell out of use because it sounds similar to another word has become associated with vulgarity. So “bunny” a rhyming alternative to “coney” became the new rabbit word.

And as of then, the word “Rabbit” was used for a young or baby hare, but as you can see, we now use rabbit as a general name for most hare-looking animals.